Events that people love, that build community and enable businesses to grow their market.


What does Events Delivered do?


Events Delivered designs, funds and produces:

  • events for social cohesion and community building

  • events for entertainment, showcasing art and performance

  • events as a marketing mechanism, a partner in business

Events Delivered collaborates with community groups, arts foundations, government departments and private enterprise to design and produce memorable, immersive experiences that convey your core values and strengthen your brand.

Events Delivered manages a diverse portfolio of events, designed to assist clients in achieving community and economic development objectives, while enriching people’s lives and promoting well-being.



Clients of Events Delivered range from small business and community groups, to local and state government.

Events Delivered works in partnership with organisations to help connect products and services to customers, to realise fundraising objectives and to grow audiences by designing and implementing bespoke marketing plans.

Partners at councils, chambers of commerce and in private enterprise engage Events Delivered services for:

  • event production

  • sponsorship strategy development

  • marketing campaign & promotions management

  • a proven track record in winning grant funding

  • experience of local and state government mechanisms and objectives.



Nowadays more than ever, customers are drawn to products and services offered by businesses that care about people and planet, as well as their profits.

Events Delivered creates meaningful sponsorship opportunities for organisations to invest in and explicitly demonstrate their support for worthy community causes. Combined with engaging marketing campaigns, this strategy allows partners to reach and connect with more of their target audience.

Businesses that sponsor community fundraising events collect kudos and customers. That’s because being associated with arts and cultural events is quite possibly the most authentic form of marketing. It’s both a gesture of goodwill and a shrewd investment that is noticed by many, including ticket buyers, newspaper readers, radio listeners and social media followers.

Event Services


Events Delivered has over 20 year’s experience in designing and producing events, covering all the necessary (as well as many value-adding) elements of successful, safe and memorable events.

Draw on expertise in artistic programming, fundraising through grants and sponsorship, marketing and promotions, stage-management, volunteer and staff recruitment, contractor management, conflict resolution, community stakeholder liaison, risk assessment and emergency event planning, customer surveying, funding acquittal and reporting.

Small business and not-for-profits can reap significant benefits from incorporating events into their marketing mix. It costs less than you think and always returns more than the investment in professional services. Get in touch today, to discuss your marketing objectives and how you’d like to achieve more.

Events Delivered also operates a subsidiary business called Northern Rivers Yurts offering hire and assembly of bamboo yurts and shade cloths.